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You Are More Powerful Than You Might Think

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Are you anxious before stepping into the gym to tumble? Have you lost the ability to do what was once effortless? You may not believe me yet, but you can fix this.

I’m going to let you in on a secret. Each one of us has an internal critical coach: the voice in your head that causes fear and anxiety before tumbling. This voice pops up for different reasons.

Maybe you’re coming off of an injury, or something big is happening in your life. Or, your coach is being overly critical and your parents seem to have ridiculous expectations. Once you recognize what’s causing your critical coach to pop up, you can turn it off.

Becoming self-aware and changing your thinking are the first steps in silencing your internal critical coach. When you control your emotional state, you push past your mental blocks and perform at your highest potential. To help you with this, I’ve created a free 3-video mini course.

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Understand how to rebuild your self-confidence, overcome your mental blocks and prevent them from ever returning

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